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  1. Hi, just wondering how many people you would be able to accomodate for the lockpicking event?
    I’m part of a society at Coventry University and a few people are interested in coming – But we don’t want to completley swamp the event if there’s not enough room.



  2. Sorry, missed this comment!

    We could take 5 or even 10 extra people if you let us know in advance. It’s hard to tell – last session had about 15 people, which was pushing it for a single person to cover well, but then previously we’ve had room for another half a dozen.

    However, one of the other directors lives in Coventry, so it might be easier to arrange something with him, perhaps at a few £ a head to cover costs.

  3. Hi,

    Would this event be open to those who are new / beginners to lockpicking as a hobby? I’m just starting out so some face-to-face with likeminded people would be really useful. But I wouldn’t wish to be an odd wheel if everyone else were seasoned picking professionals haha.



  4. I’m new to the game so would love to speak with like-minded people.
    I live in Birmingham and work in Coventry so will travel and willing to contribute a few quid to help with the event.
    I am a hobbyist, but semi-retirement is around the corner!
    Can you please let me know of any future events that you are planning.

    Thank you,
    Patrick Ryan.

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